Book «Faith is. The Quest for Spirituality and Religion»

Lukas Niederberger and Lars Mueller (editors):

Faith Is

The Quest for Spirituality and Religion

Lars Müller Publishers, Baden (Switzerland) 2008
396 pages, 200 photographs

This volume deals with the origin and significance of human belief. Religious phenomena such as the yearning for transcendence, inwardness, the experience of oneness, happiness, meaning in life, and rituals, as well as for models that can help to explain the origins and future of humanity and the world, exist both inside and outside official religious groups. With texts and a clear pictorial language, this volume addresses the phenomenon of religion belief, guiding the reader and viewer into the world of the numinous and mysterious, while also giving them a bit of critical orientation and existential questions to take along with them on their continued quest. The publication also takes a critical look at the traditional world religions, in order to help the reader differentiate between the political, cultural, and specifically religious roots of contemporary conflicts.